• Statement


Kep wasn’t damaged during conflicts, the city gradually dived in a long sleep. The nature took back and the beautiful houses disappeared. Entering those old villas was like going on a major and enriching archeological journey. As Angkor ruins! It brings us a lot of information to approach the past modernity of architecture and reveal the lost Golden Age of Cambodia. Like seeing bas-relief on temples’ walls at Angkor, I also like looking at walls of old villas in Kep. They got so many layers of human history. They got through the hard time of conflicts, affected by nature and later on again human.

“Drip”, firstly I started to photograph walls at old villas in Kep, of existing graffiti by traveling artists and as well as by local children. But, I felt that I am disconnection with those walls. So, I decided to create my personal sentimental connection with those walls by using black charcoal which I found inside those villas and started simply sketching and drawing my own graffiti and photographed at the end. I hadn’t preconceived any story, but I took inspiration from my traveled experiences and memory in Kep.

Walls come alive …

Kep, 2011 – 2012